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Dyna Drinking Game Empty Dyna Drinking Game

Post  Anabella on Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:46 pm

Pretty simple.

For every AF2 that drops = 1 drink
-if it rots = another drink

For every death = 1 drink per person

For everytime YOU yourself die = 2 drinks

For everytime Din says "/facepalm" = 1 drink

For every full wipe = finish your glass

If 3 AF2 are in the treasure pool at the same time = 10 drinks

Everytime Midgar says "Dibs" = take a drink

If anyone asks if they need to take a drink = take a drinK!

Everytime Kilios says "Bug-lers" = 1 point

Anytime Dreamsaver shushes anyone on vent = take a drink

When a blue/green eyes gets nuked too far from the alli = 2 drinks

Everytime our WHMs forget Reraise = 1 drink

Any serious drama occurs = 3 drinks

lvl down = 4 drinks

everytime Din or Kilios says "bad joojoo" = 1 drink

every mt = 1 drink

If someone gets their hourglass bought = finish your glass

If you say derp = finish your glass

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