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Dyna Glacier Mob Order Empty Dyna Glacier Mob Order

Post  Anabella on Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:43 pm

Here is the mob order, and a list of which mobs are what jobs, if anyone is interested.

You should always kill the following mobs first, and in this order:

SMN - because astral flow can rape face. Sleeping avatars should be a priority for RDMs until all SMNs are dead.

BST - If they pet is killed before the BST, it can charm us. Certain pets require a bit extra attention.

BLM - they make us go boom

Any other mob can go in between. Try to do THFs and PLDs near the end, since their 2 hours are retarded.

You should always kill the following mobs last, and in this order:

MNK - Hundred Fists can take down multiple people including the tank, so we do them at the end of the pull.

NIN - Mijin Gakure can take out an entire alliance.

- ALWAYS kill WHMs last. Benediction will heal the other mobs, as well
as wake them up. This can seriously screw the sleepers if it goes off
at the wrong time.

Adamantking Effigy - Statues
Vanguard Undertaker - SMN
Vanguard Beasttender - BST
Vanguard's Scorpion - BST pet (needs to be kept silenced because of breakga)
Vanguard Thaumaturge - BLM
Vanguard Drakekeeper - DRG
Vanguard Vigilante - DRK
Vanguard Vindicator - WAR
Vanguard Hatamoto - SAM
Vanguard Mason - RNG
Vanguard Minstrel - BRD
Vanguard Protector - RDM
Vanguard Purloiner -THF
Vanguard Defender - PLD
Vanguard Militant - MNK
Vanguard Kusa - NIN
Vanguard Constable - WHM

Vanguard Necromancer - SMN
Vanguard Pathfinder - BST
Vanguard Ambusher - RNG
VanguardArmorer - PLD
Vanguard Dragontamer - DRG
Vanguard Enchanter - RDM
Vanguard Maestro - BRD
Vanguard Ronin - SAM
Vanguard Shaman - BLM
Vanguard Smithy - WAR
Vanguard Tinkerer - DRK
Vanguard Welldigger - THF
Vanguard Pitfighter - MNK
Vanguard Hitman - NIN
Vanguard Alchemist - WHM

Vanguard Oracle - SMN
Vanguard Ogresoother - BST
Vanguard'd Crow - BST Pet (casts Silencga
Vanguard Prelate - BLM
Vanguard Chanter - BRD
Vanguard Partisan - DRG
Vanguard Persecuter - SAM
Vanguard Salvager - RNG
Vanguard Skirmisher - WAR
Vanguard Visionary - RDM
Vanguard Inciter - DRK
Vanguard Liberator - THF
Vanguard Exemplar - PLD
Vanguard Sentinel - MNK
Vanguard Assassin - NIN
Vanguard Priest - WHM

Vanguard Dollmaster - SMN
Vanguard Hawker - BST
Vanguard Hecteyes - pet (must be slept by BRDs or WHMs)
Vanguard Mesmerizer - BLM
Vanguard Neckchopper - DRK
Vanguard Pilager - THF
Vanguard Predator - RNG
Vanguard Trooper - PLD
Vanguard Vexer - RDM
Vanguard Footsoldier - WAR
Vanguard Impaler - DRG
Vanguard Bugler - BRD
Vanguard Gutslacher - SAM
Vanguard Grappler
Vanguard Backstabber - NIN
Vanguard Amputator - WHM


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Dyna Glacier Mob Order Empty two comments

Post  Pantz on Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:52 pm

Plds, Have resist sleep traits so they can rape sleepers because they wont sleep, either have rdms also grav them or I am going to be killing them a bit sooner, Mnks I try to kill when I have sent or rampart up if not then yes at the end of a pull. Another tactic on mnks if there are alot in a pull is have a blm nuke it while it has grav on to get it to 2hr that way it isnt rape facing.

Also on smns they are only deadly when they have astral flow up, and With a good rdm/drk or blm making sure the avatars get stunned or reslept if we happen to encounter way too many of them. Basically I'm just saying that the rdms and blms should step up a bit you guys have the most to do in dynamis and imo make the most difference.


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