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Camf application both ls Empty Camf application both ls

Post  camf on Wed Oct 21, 2009 2:02 am

In-game Name:Camf, an no i not jp XD, dont kno y i picked this name

Jobs @75:Nin,blm,drg,bst,thf,sam,war,pld,rng 51/brd an 68/rdm both hopefully 75 soon. yea i like to lvl here an there >.>

Time(s) Available:mostly late night est

Previous Linkshell(s):Been rockin it solo for a long time but im in a social ls Dawnofthetemplar wit couple friends

Reason(s) for Leaving:prolly wont leave them, will still hop on there to chat

Referring member and NL members you know:Avesta

Goals:help out others an get some friggin gearz, an get to enjoy the game wit ma buddy Avesta

Endgame Experience:did some sky an limbus, an dyna here an there

Notable Gear:
mostly sky gearz,acp body,hagun, yada yada yada
Special skills:hmmmm, special skills.. well i can eat an type at the same time an talk like this " duhz, hav u sen ma baseballllzz!??"

A leader tells you to STFU and get down, What do you do?i might hesitate at first, but i'll stfu an get down like a
midget tryin to put a fire out
Final question: Are you applying to just NoLimit LS or to the Dynamis NoNamis LS also.. ??? OR BOTH?? Both pleaze


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Camf application both ls Empty Re: Camf application both ls

Post  Dreamsaver on Wed Oct 21, 2009 12:14 pm

cheers welcome to the LS.... Yay!!

Was given pearls!!

Camf application both ls L_877788e5bbf74e47b44cd5d8e214e63c

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