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Post  Dreamsaver on Mon Oct 12, 2009 1:52 am

In-game Name: Depablo

Jobs @75: 75 Bard, Getting rdm to 75 (62 atm), Planing on getting smn and sch to 75 also

Time(s) Available: Anytime but Sundays because of Einherjar at 8:30

Previous Linkshell(s): Nyaa

Reason(s) for Leaving: Dont really need HNM gear

Referring member and NL members you know:

Goals: Want Rdm and Brd af, Want W legs

Endgame Experience: Have done everything but sea

Notable Gear: HQ Staffs, Shadow body, Kitty pants and a bunch of other stuff

Special skills: Can Kite Kirin for 30mins on brd/nin if needed

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