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Post  shady on Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:06 am

In-game Name: Shady

Main Char Jobs @75: BST, DRG, RDM, DNC & SMN
IF you have ALT char's, Name and job's @75 :

Time(s) Available: Late Night. Usually get on between 10-11pm EST and play for a few hours once the wife goes to sleep.

Previous Linkshell(s): CosmicGate (social) and Carpe Noctem (dynamis)

Reason(s) for Leaving: I just came back yesterday from a 9 month break from the game. Still have pearl for CG but CN no longer exists so I am looking for another dynamis shell that fits my time of play.

Referring member and NL members you know: Not sure if I know anyone in this ls. I saw a post on BG forum that you all were looking for people a few months ago so I decided to see if still accepting players.

Goals: In ls: to get some more relic gear and help others get the gear they want. Outside the ls: I am obsessed with trying to get a Soboro for my sam that is lvl 51. Other than that, I usually just grind out some FOV or campaign and chat with friends.

Endgame Experience: Since most shells do endgame during the hours that I am not on, I mainly stuck to late night dynamis.

Dynamis Win's you have : All but Buburimu and Tavnazia.

Notable Gear: Relics: Bst 3/5, DNC 3/5, Drg 1/5, Rdm 0/5, Smn 0/5 and Blu 2/5. Then I have some random stuff I got in free lots.

Special skills: Cooking @ 86 atm

A leader tells you to STFU and get down, What do you do? I would probably STFU but I am pretty laid back and quiet so it hasn't happened yet.

Final question: Are you applying to just NoLimit LS or to the Dynamis NoNamis LS also.. ??? OR BOTH??
I am applying to the dynamis shell since the runs are during hours that I can typically be on. The other events during the week are a little too early for me and my wife would kill me if I got on that early. Sad


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Post  Pantz on Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:11 am

Come to Dynamis tommorrow, /tell me Dreamsaver Hitokiri


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