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Post  Anabella on Mon Dec 07, 2009 3:25 pm

Here is the mob order, and a list of which mobs are what jobs, if anyone is interested.

You should always kill the following mobs first, and in this order:

SMN - because astral flow can rape face. Sleeping avatars should be a priority for RDMs until all SMNs are dead.

BST - If they pet is killed before the BST, it can charm us. Certain pets require a bit extra attention.

BLM - they make us go boom

Any other mob can go in between. Try to do THFs and PLDs near the end, since their 2 hours are retarded.

You should always kill the following mobs last, and in this order:

MNK - Hundred Fists can take down multiple people including the tank, so we do them at the end of the pull.

NIN - Mijin Gakure can take out an entire alliance.

WHM - ALWAYS kill WHMs last. Benediction will heal the other mobs, as well as wake them up. This can seriously screw the sleepers if it goes off at the wrong time.

Besides the NMs mobs in Xarc are all labeled by their jobs. Example: Kindred Dragoon
Its pretty hard to screw it up unless you aren't paying attention....even for you Z!


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