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Post  Dreamsaver on Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:04 pm

NO DRAMA!! NO DRAMA!! Pay attention to LS chat for Orders!!

This may seem like a lot to read but we just want to lay down a complete understanding of what is expected in the LS .

Dynamis Start Times are Tuesday and Friday @ 11PM EST Promptly.
Equip LS pearl by 10pm.. and Gather together by 10:30 pm EST..

* All run-critical communication will take place within linkshell chat so you must be on NoNamis 30 minutes before the run starts.

* You must have a BUFFER, Raise 3 will not be given out to everyone, we do not have the time for that.. it is your job to have a buffer or bring a ReRaise 2 item, if you want more than a raise 1!!

* If you are on FFXI during our run time, you are expected to be in Dynamis.

* Members who know in advance that they will be unable to attend a run are expected to let others know via the forums or by telling a sack.

* If you miss three consecutive runs, you have to attend three consecutive runs before you are able to resume lotting privileges.

* If you are running late, we will usually have a mule stationed outside with an hourglass. Please check in with the linkshell to find out who is running the mule.

* ALL MEMBERS WILL BAZAAR THEIR HOURGLASS FOR 1 GIL UPON ENTERING DYNAMIS.....NO EXCEPTIONS ON THIS. I'm not gonna have member's working hard to get equipment only to miss it because JonSamurai had to go feed his Chia Pet with 10 minutes left in Dynamis.

All DD's,Melee's,Tank's will make an /assist "insert name" Macro, and you will be told at start of every run, who that /assist "person" is!!

All BLM's Will make an /assist "insert name" Macro for Time Nukes of certain mob's and to ensure they target the same statues where possible also!!

* Unlike other events, RDM sleepers and BLMs, with a puller will be in the front line, melee will camp further back.

* Do not crowd the front line, mobs will be pulled back to you.

* If you have an issue with anything that has happened, raise it in tell initially. Mistakes are made sometimes, we’re only human. If it cannot be resolved at the time, accept that and wait until the run is over. Dynamis runs are not the place for lengthy discussions.

* Anyone who cannot cast reraise on themselves must bring a reraise item to each run. It saves time and MP. Do not expect to come to dynamis and not lose xp. Anyone who does not bring reraise with them will slow the run down and must accept any raise we can throw at them.

* ALL job's that cast's Magic... BRING ECHO DROPS!!!!

* Upon a wipe, do NOT reraise unless told to. Sometimes mobs are slow to make their way back to their spawn point. Ensure you get reraise back up ASAP. YOU MUST HAVE A BUFFER, YOU WILL TAKE WHATEVER RAISE GIVEN TO YOU!!!

* Please comment out your party macros unless absolutely necessary. We do not need to know every time you hit something or cast shadows and cures. Help keep text spam down!

* No skilling up inappropriate weapons (i.e. trial weapons, C- rank weapons, etc.) during Dynamis. We are here to kill as many mobs as quickly as possible.

* All BLMs to sub WHM or RDM. No exceptions or moaning. If we ever need you to sub anything else, we’ll let you know.

* All RDMs to sub BLM unless told otherwise. WHM and DRK subs may be needed situationally.

*If you have to go AFK please, go to a safe spot (ask a leader if unsure).

* All members are expected to stay through the ENTIRE run, this includes after boss farming. If you MUST go please tell a sackholder and have a good reason, every person that stays helps to make the farming easier.

* Occasionally we screw up. If you have hate on any mob and a wipe is called for do NOT run back to the main group. Usually what happens is a bad pull is made or the numbers of mobs that pop, overwhelm the frontline. If you have cured or buffed anyone involved –you will have hate. If you have hit or attempted to hit, chances are – you have hate. Stay up front with those in danger and just take the death. You cannot run far enough, you will not lose hate. In dynamis the mobs will hunt you down if you have even the slightest hate and they will go through anyone on the way. Mistakes are made but if you repeatedly fail to adhere to this, you will be penalised.

* All casters (including PLDs, NINs, /NINs, mages and BRDs) must carry echo drops. WHMs should bring poison pots.

* Be careful not to aggro mobs when traveling in dangerous areas. Do not use autorun or /follow near undisturbed mobs.

* Each run some members may be called upon to sacrifice pull for us. This is usually a THF or a /THF. These members will be allowed to lot any xp scrolls that drop. No one else should lot these unless told to.

* There are times when Dynamis gets stressful. Just remember that the people around you are on the whole your friends and are working towards the same goals. We’re all here, losing xp for the same reason, try to have fun and don’t take it too personally.

*Things that will get you kicked/suspended:

1. Blatantly breaking a written rule.
2. Being overly negative/discourteous about any situation.
3. Complaining about receiving a Raise I.
4. Stirring up drama during a run. Save it for after the run on the forums.
5. Saying things such as “Run’s over.” Even if we have yet to beat the boss and the 10 minute warning has shown up, this just downs the morale of the group.
6. Lack of effort as judged by the leadership.
7. Consistent AFKing / Long-term AFKing.
8. Consistent disregard for anyone else in the shell.
9. Dragging in drama from outside NoNamis. Grudges from HNM camping, online relationships, etc. have absolutely no place here. Leave it at the door. If this is an issue, then goodbye.


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