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Post  Zef on Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:59 pm

In-game Name: Zefron

Main Char Jobs @75: PLD, BLM, WHM, SAM, RDM
IF you have ALT char's, Name and job's @75 :

Time(s) Available: Any day

Previous Linkshell(s): Villainz, DoWork, DoDynamicWork, CalllForHelp.

Reason(s) for Leaving: Villainz broke, DoWork + DoDynamicWork = Villainz, Dreamsaver Dragged me from CFH

Referring member and NL members you know: Hugemongous, Dreamsaver, Dougglas, Nana, and... that one elvaan pld that sucks ass, cant remember his name... think it was Rurtard?

Goals: Have fun Smile

Endgame Experience: Sky, Leading Dynamis, Leading Einherjar, ummm ZNM, HNM

Dynamis Win's you have : Dyna-sandy, Jeuno, Bascock, Windurst, BCD, Bubu

Notable Gear: Everything I have cause, Im wearing it, of course.

Special skills: All

A leader tells you to STFU and get down, What do you do?
Tell them to STFU and get down.

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Zef's Beautiful App Empty Re: Zef's Beautiful App

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:05 pm

Yes we do need someone to boost morale and what better candidate than the one and only Zach Efron. Now we will never go an event without song a dance! Thank You ZACH!

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