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Post  Zelkova on Tue Oct 27, 2009 4:20 pm

Name: Zelkova

Current Server: Shiva

Prior Server(s):
Asura, Phoenix

75 Jobs: 11 jobs at 75, some retired, some used still. Mains are whm, pup, and dnc for now. I use only these in dynamis, mainly cause of work schedule and the longevity of campaigns -.-.

Cleared Dynamis Zones:
All cept Xarc and Tav

Previous Linkshells/Dynamis Experience:
Main Whm in dynamis ls experience, so I know what I'm doing. Due to work schedule, I now try to avoid most things that won't coincide with work.

Have you read and Understand our rules?: yes

Anything else you feel relevant to your app:
Just got a job and with the worst schedule possible (graveyard shift). Will be able to make runs on Monday and Tuesday, as they are my days off of work and that's about it.

And even then, I have trips that I'm planning to do early next year to LA and Dallas. You will be notified far ahead of time if things change or if I plan anything... But normally, I tend to stick around linkshells til they disband. That's been the past three I've been with... Crying or Very sad


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Post  Dreamsaver on Tue Oct 27, 2009 4:32 pm

welcome to the LS.. looking forward to seeing you tonight.. Ty...

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