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Post  Lancelott on Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:35 am

In-game Name: I have 3 accounts and i just go by Lance. (or knox ^.~ aka "the knox")

Main Char Jobs @75: Lancelott (main DRG 75) Darkscorpio (DRG 75, RDM 70) Zildjian (PLD 75)

Time(s) Available: Looks like I'll be available for most all events, I may be 30min-hr late for some farming days, i have class mondays wednesdays and thursdays for now, but im always on by 7:30pm est.

Previous Linkshell(s): XxHopefromashxX (still in it for social reasons); Heros (fmrly HerosofCarpeDiem); Ghostbear II

Referring member: Msviller (Waffle!)

Goals: Limbus gear, certain sky gear, friends^^ (and my damned drg relic helm!)

Endgame Experience: Years of endgame exp. well versed in kirin zerging, all sky gods, omega/ultima (im not too brushed up on all jailers though), SCNM ZNM dynamis etc..

Dynamis Win's you have : All but Xarcabard on Lance, All on Dark, Sandy and jeuno on Zild (so access to all on lance and dark)

Notable Gear: Askar body legs hands on lance, not much on dark(darks drg is fairly retired but i still maintain decent gear for him) and fully AH geared PLD on Zild but nothing special.

Special skills: Been playing ffxi <Long time.>

A leader tells you to STFU and get down, What do you do? STFU and get down.

Final question: Are you applying to just NoLimit LS or to the Dynamis NoNamis LS also.. ??? OR BOTH?? Both i suppose, I dont need much from dynamis onLance, but i would like rdm Af on dark and PLD af on zild.


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Lancelott/Darkscorpio/Zildjian Empty Re: Lancelott/Darkscorpio/Zildjian

Post  Dreamsaver on Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:46 am


Welcome to the LS.. was given both pearls already!!! cheers

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